• Aubrynn Jewel 
  • Aurora Luminosa
  • Axis Wayne
  • Carter Diesel
  • Cherish Jane
  • Cutter Noah
  • Echo Rain (Autumn Sky, Nevaeh Star, Drevon Anthony)
  • Eli Langston
  • Emilyn Danna
  • Gavin Fin
  • Greggorio Galindo
  • Hardy Thomas
  • Havyn Flint (boy)
  • Isabella Scarlett
  • Jasper Leo
  • Joaquina Evelyn
  • Kadence Dawson (boy)
  • Khloe “Muka”
  • Langston Quinn (girl)
  • Lavery Ann
  • Legend Kell
  • Leighton Graham
  • Lorena Lila 
  • Lucy Vaughn
  • Orlando Jeremy
  • Paislyn Kate
  • Penelope Patricia
  • Ramsey Eli
  • Rance Alan
  • Reese Hurley
  • River Le’Rue (boy) Zander, Tristan, & Beau
  • Rylan Gabriel 
  • Selah Alexis
  • Shanna Danbi
  • Sladyn James
  • Trig Wrylan
  • Truitt Matthew
  • Vadhir Xavier 
  • Vanessa Opal Brooke
  • Violet Noelle
  • Weston Rowdy

** And remember this post.  The No Big Dill baby is finally named.   Please welcome Drummer Zion Dill.

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13 Responses to AXIS WAYNE (Texas)

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Axis is prett interesting.

    Cutter is the worst names I’ve ever heard – seriously! What’s wrong with those parents?

    Reese Hurley is great.

    Overall a very interesting set of names here.

  2. Aurora Luminosa and Echo Rain are delightful.

    I wonder how “Havyn” is to be pronounced? A variant of Haven?

  3. Some lovely nature names in Texas – Axis is great and fits in with the X trend as well as the s-ender trend. It almost looks like a cross between Axel and Atticus …

    Legend seems a bit OTT, but I wonder if it has quite the same connotations as it does here.

  4. Sophia says:

    Cutter is disastrous…. ‘lucky names don’t define what we become’ is the best thing I can think to say about that “name”. Poor, poor kid.
    I really like Echo Rain, Eli Langston, Isabella Scarlett and Jasper Leo.

  5. Emily says:

    Aurora Luminosa, Isabella Scarlett, Lorena Lila, and Penelope Patricia are all lovely. Langston Quinn sounds far too masculine for a girl. I agree with the sentiments on Cutter – what a terrible choice. I have a feeling he’ll be going exclusively by Noah later on. Axis sounds cool, but the WWII association turns me off of it. I’m also liking Eli Langston, Hardy Thomas, Jasper Leo, Truitt Matthew, and Violet Noelle. The -yn/-ynn endings are epidemic, aren’t they?

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