• Alex Lillian 
  • Almira Anne Mae
  • Audra Ryleight
  • Averi Marlene
  • Blanca Teodora
  • Brenner Kenneth
  • Christopher MacGregor
  • Claire Lola
  • Conan Christopher
  • Dane Oliver
  • Dawson Phoenix
  • Dierre Jesse
  • Dylan Kaeler
  • Frances Jane
  • Hallie Kathleen
  • Huckleberry Eugene 
  • Jazmine Ivelis
  • Kellen Troy
  • Kiptyn Sean
  • Layne Ardith (girl)
  • Levon Doander
  • Lia Ariel 
  • Luna Fern
  • Mabel Lee
  • Nebralynn Rae
  • O’day’Ah Nicole
  • Quinn Charles
  • Rainey LaNae
  • Ryder Garrison
  • Ryland Gene
  • Scarlette Evangeline
  • Shelby Odessa
  • Tate Randal
  • Trentadee May Lenora
  • Valdez Bobbie
  • Williameena Jeanne
  • Zeah Marie
  • Zier Lee
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9 Responses to HUCKLEBERRY EUGENE (Illinois)

  1. Emily says:

    I’m loving these: Almira Anne Mae, Blanca Teodora, Conan Christopher, Dane Oliver, Frances Jane, Huckleberry Eugene, Quinn Charles, and Scarlette Evangeline. There are a lot of gems on this list. Mabel, Gene, and Odessa are very retro cool. On the other hand… Nebralynn, O’day’Ah, Rainey, Trentadee, and Williameena? Not a fan.

  2. Dierre (if it’s said like Pierre) reminds me of derrière …. 😉

  3. Dearest says:

    Blanca Teodora!
    Also love seeing Odessa, Audra, Marlene, Huckleberry, Ivelis, Ardith and Fern, but Odessa is the best 🙂

  4. Sophia says:

    Hmmm some of those names actually made me say “What the f***” out loud. Mainly Oh’day’Ah. I just don’t understand! Not a fan of Nebralynn or Trentadee either, but like you said Emily, her middle names are gorgeous! If only they’d named her simply May Lenora instead! Lovely!
    I really like Frances Jane, Luna Fern, Mabel Lee, Ryder Garrison and Scarlette Evangeline.

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