MATILDA MAGAZINE: naming the next generation

Welcome everyone!  Did you know there isn’t one magazine dedicated to baby
names?  Until now.


We are excited to announce the first issue of Matilda Magazine.   We were inspired by all the name blogs that kept popping up so we wanted to have a place where we could all come together to talk names and share ideas.   The first issue of Matilda features articles from Abby Sandel from Appellation Mountain, Anna Otto from Waltzing More Than
, and Lou Sycamore from Mer De Noms.  We hope to have other name bloggers join us for the next issue.

Inside Matilda, you will find name stories, name consultations, birth announcements, and much more.

We hope you enjoy!



2 Responses to MATILDA MAGAZINE: naming the next generation

  1. Carina Michalowski says:


    Love your blog! I’m currently looking for some name inspiration and this site has me thinking.

    Question for you–why did you name your magazine Matilda?



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