Blue Bear:  Maybe he can be friends with Alicia Silverstone’s new baby, Bear Blu FYI: Blue was born before Bear.

Boo! (girl) Yes, her name is actually Boo! (exclamation point included).  Apparently, Boo!’s due date was Halloween and as a joke, her parents started referring to her as Boo! and it stuck.  Remind me to send a thank you note to my parents as I was born on Halloween and they just  used Boo (no exclamation point) as a nickname.   Also, Boo!’s brother is named Lux, which they liked it because it rhymes with Dukes.  Um, one of us is saying it wrong, because I say Lux to rhyme with Tux.     You can find the article (it’s from last year, but I just found it and thought I would share) here.  

 Brilliant Sunshine: (girl):  Brilliant’s name is enough to get a mention here, but here are her siblings’ names.  Wolfgang, Bill, Rainbow, Zafina, & Marie.  Bill?!!!  Marie? !!!  

Camo Renegade:  I’m trying to decide which name is more interesting.  Camo? or Renegade?

Charley Willard Horse Dick:  Umm, never mind. 

Dae Lee (girl): Another set of parents who have a sense of humor when it comes to baby names.

Daniel Elizabeth:  Another boy name on a girl.

Flora Rosemary:  Ooh, a Flora.  Very pretty. 

Gray’C:  This has to be about the worse spelling I have ever seen.

Henry Olaf  “Hank the Tank”  Henry’s parents are hoping that he’ll have a career as a professional wrestler.   

Hunter Fox:  Nice of Hunter’s parents to let us know what exactly he is on the hunt for.

Kawasaki Jayden:  Harley Davidson fans.  I kid.  I kid. 

Parker Pistol:  Interesting middle name. 

Waldo Emerson:  Where’s Waldo?  I wonder how many times he’ll hear that in his lifetime.

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15 Responses to ROUNDUP 5/14

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Forget Waldo – where’s Ralph?!

  2. Oh wow. Just wow. I just don’t know which one to choose as the most embarassing. Oh wait – it’s Horse Dick.

    Where do you FIND these people???!!!!

  3. Skurinksi says:

    Ok this is definitely my fav segment! Hilarious 😀

    Boo! is such a retarded name, seriously.
    I won’t even mention Horse Dick, that is just sad really.
    There was a contestant on a British talent show named Treyc, so they are out there.
    Pistol will fit right in with Colt, Colton, Gunnar and Cannon.
    Blue Bear, I bet his parents feel proud that a celebrity has chosen that name.

  4. Jamie says:

    Any idea whether Gray’C is pronounced like Grace or Gracie? Maybe that will make it onto our short list for this little one. I’m sure we’ll go with Horse Dick for a boy, though. (Kidding!)

    I do kind of like Waldo, though I wouldn’t have used Waldo and Emerson together (unless I was an English professor).

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Is Hank the Tank just his nickname or is it part of the legal name?

  6. SarahinJune says:

    I actually really like Waldo Emerson. Waldo makes me think of walden which makes me thing of Thoreau (almost my son’s middle name), and Emerson is pretty self explanitory.

  7. Stephie656 says:

    4Real, do you like a Fauna as much as a Flora? (My favorite childhood movie is Sleeping Beauty and the fairies were Flora, Fauna and Merriweather!)

    • Names4Real says:

      Hi, I prefer Flora, but I think Fauna is really cool too and yes, I totally think of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty too. I love the names Aurora and Briar Rose too. 🙂

  8. kash729 says:

    Did someone seriously use the phrase Horse Dick in their poor innocent little baby’s name?

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