Archer Gene

Asher Watson

Atticus Lawrence

Barry Matthew

Birdie Faye

Bo Thatcher

Bria Symone

Carter Macon

Colton Ridge

Diesel Joe

Edison Clark

Edith Ann

Emily Beatrix

Gage Emerson

Hannah Love 

Hollis Jane

Hunter Rex

Ila Bloom

Isabella Winter

Jackson Jewell

Jacob Sterling

Jax Lennon

Kalinda Marie

Mary-Allen Olivia

Meridian Grace

Nixon Mathew

Obadiah Joseph

Paislee Lang  

Reece Kingston

Rowan Dante

Sadie Pearl

Shepherd David

Sinclair Faith

Sloane Cordelia

Violet Nevi

Wes Orlando

Zachary Addison

Zada Esther

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6 Responses to MERIDIAN & SHEPHERD

  1. Did we just have an Isabella Spring and now Isabella Winter, or did I imagine that?

    Have seen Diesel begin to be suggested on baby name forums (more badass names!)

    Archer Gene is nice, but it does sound like they were born with the genes of a bowman or something.

    I kind of like Dante Rowan.

  2. Skurinksi says:

    Shepherd is such an ugly name imo. So is Sinclair, especially on a girl.

    Colton, Diesel, Archer, Hunter, so tired of all these macho boy names.

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  4. Dearest says:

    I feel as if there’s an overrepresentation of word names here. Birdie, Ridge, Love, Bloom, Wynter, Jewell, Sterling, Meridian, Grace, Pearl, Shepherd, Faith, Paislee, Diesel, Hunter, Rowan and some more occupational names.
    Meridian is lovely, and Bloom is a favourite. Shepherd and Ridge are also high on my list.

    Favourite combos on this list are Bo Thatcher and Ila Bloom, but Zada Esther is old lady cool incarnate!
    Also love seeing an Obadiah, a wonderful name!

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