Abby Jolinda

Ander Franklin

Bennett Douglas

Case Matthew

Claire Edna

Claudia Simone

Daisy Katherine

Edison James

Gabriel Cosimo

Hamilton Jack

Harli Robinette

Hollis Mackenzie (girl)

Joseph Heath

Keeley Laken

Landry Jack

Malia Taylor

Marri Helen

Mason Devereaux

Nolan Elliot

Perry Floyd

Regina Mary

Remington Jane

Rory Abigail

Sadie June

Samantha Drake

Samuel Garner

Tabitha Kate

Vincent Sunny

Will Robert

Zane Joshua

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4 Responses to HAMILTON & REGINA

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Surprised to see Remington on a girl. Remy, sure, but Remington? Wowzers.

    I wonder how they’re pronouncing Marri?

  2. These look really normal after the weekend post. I’m impressed with Vincent Sunny – I’m seeing Sunny on more boys now, and it seems to be moving from girly name to unisex name. Makes sense, as the sun isn’t masculine or feminine (or is seen as both in different cultures).

    Daisy Katherine is sweet, and there’s something about Gabriel Cosimo that I like.

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