August Warren
Baylor Jamison
Briggs David
Caroline Italy
Christiano Damian
Danilo Joseph
Drako James
Easton Henry
Ella Truth
Esther Elizabeth
Harper Isley
Holten Eugene
Jaden Harley
Jeziel Joel
Jubilee Marie
Kaya June
Keegan Hall
Lake Addison (girl)
Leland Storm
Lucas Kane
Maddison James (boy)
Marla Grace
Mattison Lee
Merit Primrose
Merle Dalton
Myra Joan
Nova Anne-Marie
Pierson Avery
Reed Elizabeth
Rogan George
Sabri Aslan
Samantha Vidalia
Shea Caroline
Shye Esley (girl)
Sophia Darlene
Suri Colette
Taitum Palmer (girl)
Titus Carter
Truett Turner
Wade Conner
Zander Benton
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3 Responses to MERIT PRIMROSE (Sunday)

  1. Kim says:

    Love Harper Isley, August Warren and Baylor Jamison…kind of like Ella Truth, as well 🙂

  2. Ella Truth really stood out to me as a pretty fantastic name. I’m also thinking Jeziel is similar to the name Jasiel I’ve encountered in Spanish (pronounced ‘ha see el’, emphasis on ‘el’). Easton Henry was handsome, and I like Myra Joan and Caroline Italy. Plus many of the individual names – it’s cool to see Merit and Esther and Cosette and Warren and Kaya (well, I like the whole combo here, Kaya June).

  3. Winter says:

    Easton Henry and Truett Turner are my favorites.

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