• Anne Gabrielle Zoe
  • Arielle Luree
  • Azlyn Celine
  • Baron Brooks
  • Bishop Xavier
  • Charleigh Monroe
  • Colson Edward
  • Earl William
  • Elmer Rene’
  • Evelyn Rosemary
  • Evie Maureen
  • Fiona Morgan
  • Gabriel Maximillian
  • Grace Everett
  • Harper Constance
  • Jessenia Luna
  • Justice J’Adore
  • Liam Camry
  • Luke George
  • Lulu Antoinette
  • Madeline Elsa
  • Marco Jacob
  • Mason Frost
  • Melina Keilani
  • Mika Patricia
  • Otto William (August & Jake)
  • Prudence Elaine
  • Reese Edwin
  • Rhylind Jillissa
  • Sloane Emma
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4 Responses to MASON FROST & SLOANE EMMA (New Jersey)

  1. Some of these are grand: Evie Maureen, Gabriel Maximillian, Jessenia Luna, Madeline Elsa, Otto William, Prudence Elaine, Fiona Morgan, Evelyn Rosemary
    I love seeing these names even if I’m not crazy about the name they’re with: Baron, Constance, Emma, Edwin, Jacob, Antoinette, Justice

  2. tami says:

    sloane is my 10yr old daughters name..and emma jean is my 6yr old daughters name…and my 8 month old sons name is jake ryan…..its great reading through all of these fabulous names…name your kids what you want….

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