Abigail Amelina

Berkeley Natalia

Claudette Jane

Dahlia Win

Ellison Christine

Fayelee Rose

Gloria Ruth

Hadleigh Love

Isis Ariana

Journey Briella

Katherine Betty Lou

Liesel Lynne

Madison Liberty

Naomi Olive

Oakley Elle

Poppy Clara

Quinn Jolie

Riplee McKenna

Savannah Helen

Torrence Marie

Uma Claire

Violet Miriam

Wren Elvie

Xia Vue

Yulia Dania

Zana Leigh

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1 Response to CLAUDETTE & UMA (ABC girls)

  1. mykka says:

    I really like Dahlia and Uma. Naomi Olive is a nice combo

    I hate Oakley for a girl, love it on a boy.

    Hadleigh is tackeigh.

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