LEDGER & SEA (Sunday)


  • Adria Rose
  • Amery Frederick
  • Ashby Maddox
  • Benjamin Lake
  • Boyd Cantrell
  • Cale Steven
  •  Daniella Bailee “Dani”
  • Dynasty Rose
  •  Elle Makenzie
  • Emil Matthew
  • Gabe Steven
  • Geneva Ruby
  • Giselle Rain
  • Grayden Emory
  • Jack Cleveland
  • Jericho Xavier
  • John Howerton
  • Josie Mae
  • Ledger James (Bryn)
  • Lilah Chanty Faye
  • LouAnne Nicole
  • Lydia Neve
  • Maeleigh Elizabeth
  • Memphis Blane
  • Rhonda Beth
  • Ridge Monroe
  • Romie Rae
  • Royal James
  •  Sea Jay (girl)
  • Senya Hartley
  • Summer Rainer
  • Tatum Xavier
  • Taylor Mark
  • Tucker Bradley
  • Violet Marion
  • William Cullen
  • Zaid Montana
  • Zara Jenelle
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8 Responses to LEDGER & SEA (Sunday)

  1. TennesseeSunshine says:

    My friend has a Ledger! Such a handsome name. His older brothers are Wilder & Barker. This entire family, with 4 sisters and many kids, could be a feature on your site. Lake is booming in our area. Not entirely new though…I know a Lake in his 30s. Other names I enjoyed from this list:
    Elle Makenzie
    Jack Cleveland (sounds stately)
    Josie Mae
    Ridge Monroe
    Violet Marion
    Sea Jay – Is this a play on C.J.
    Zaid Montana – Not sure how its pronounced here, but makes me think of Pulp Fiction, “Zed’s dead”

    • Names4Real says:

      Ledger, Wilder, & Barker. What an interesting sibset. IT makes me curious what the girl names are.
      I wondered that about Sea Jay. I wonder if they are calling her Sea or both names.

  2. mykka says:

    is Amery legit or just a respelling of Emery/Emory?
    I really like Ashby, wish it would take off for boys.
    Geneva and Jericho would make nice sibling names.
    Tatum Xavier is a nice combo, as is Ridge Monroe and Lydia Neve.
    Royal and Dynasty are too much for me.

  3. Winter says:

    Zaid or Said? Is zaid a legit name or made-up?

  4. Winter says:

    Interesting, I have been hearing it a lot more lately, and it made me curious. Thanks for the feedback. Yet, I love its meaning, its certainly not for me.

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