FORT & MOUNTAIN (Middle names)

Some fun and fanciful middle names in birth announcements from United Kingdom.

  • Amelia Primrose
  • Amelie Lotus
  • Araminta Tyger
  • Ava Kitty
  • Henry Discretion
  • Iris Tyger
  • Jack Rocket
  • Jade Honeysuckle
  • Jonathan Tiger
  • Lois Berry
  • Maisie Blossom
  • Matilda Bliss
  • Maximilian Atlas Verity
  • Mia Coco
  • Michael Allstar
  • Oscar Fort
  • Otto Wolf
  • Phoebe Bluebell
  • Poppy Blue
  • Wilkie Mountain
  • William George Treasure
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7 Responses to FORT & MOUNTAIN (Middle names)

  1. Emily says:

    Amelia Primrose is so pretty! I quite like Amelie Lotus and Henry Discretion as well. I’m fond of the Puritan virtue name type names, like Discretion.

  2. Eponymia says:

    Why all the Tyger-with-a-“Y”s?

    I like Henry Discretion, Iris Tiger (prefer this spelling), Maximilian Atlas Verity (Verity on a boy, nice), Oscar Fort and Wilkie Mountain.

  3. I love these quirky middles – clearly Tiger in the middle is getting to be a bit of a fad.

    Henry Discretion is hilarious (to me Discretion sounds like a brand of incontinence pads more than a virtue name. Yeah I said I spend waaay too much with the elderly!

    Loving Amelie Lotus, Jack Rocket, Lois Berry, Maisie Blossom, Phoebe Bluebell and Matilda Bliss.

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  5. prisoner says:

    I find it interesting to see Tyger used as middle names on girls. I have it in my family tree twice from the 1700s, both on boys. It was obviously a cool norwegian name back in the day 😉

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