• Aisling Edith
  • Amber Fern
  • Arwen Joan (Rhys &  Carys)
  • Ayley Mair
  • Carys Anne Stella (Kaye)
  • Chloe Moira
  • Daisy Mary Fox (William)
  • Davis Glen
  • Finlay Macdonald
  • Flora Katharina
  • Flynn Oliver
  • Heather Rosemary Sine
  • Iris Farmer 
  • Jack Adair
  • Jed Douglas
  • Johnny Shanks (Tara, Olivia, Georgia, & David)
  • Jonah Logan
  • Kaleb Ellis
  • Kash Fleming
  • Lucinda Anne Muirhead
  • Marlo Thomas (Esme)
  • Moa Islay (girl) (kai)
  • Neve Adele (Amy) 
  • Olivia Astrid
  • Poppy Isabella
  • Rory Callum 
  • Struan Archibald
  • Theo Graham 
  • William Newton
  • Zara Jessi (Kia)

And be sure to check out Fox Royal and Rose Etoile for more international baby names.

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4 Responses to DAISY MARY FOX (Scotland)

  1. Eponymia says:

    I like Iris Farmer, Neve Adele and Struan Archibald.

  2. Daisy Mary Fox is enchanting! Johnny Shanks is interesting, and Carys Ann Stella pretty.

  3. Emily says:

    I want to visit wherever that is in the picture. I’m loving the quirkiness of the names on this list. My favorites are Daisy Mary Fox, Jed Douglas, Lucinda Anne Muirhead, and Theo Graham.

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