BRIET CELESTE (girl names)

It's a girl!

Amity Claire

Annalena Morgan

Arden Caroline

Astrid Irene

Briet Celeste

Brinley Corrine

Charlie Ella

Claylee Anne

Ealasaid Rose

Evelyn Anita

Fallon Aubrey

Gabriella Grey

Hayden Hartley

Iris Rayne

Jane Muriel

Kayota Ann

Kirra Sage

Livienna Joy

Lorelai Grey

Miley Mabel

Presley Cecelia

Rosemary Loraine

Rowan Storm

Sadie Allen

Shayne Cedar May

Sonja Elizabeth

Sophia Lou

Vanessa Paris

Violet Martha

Zori Jade

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4 Responses to BRIET CELESTE (girl names)

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  2. I like Amity Claire, Arden Caroline, Iris Rayne, Lorelai Grey, Rowan Storm…

  3. Catswoof says:

    Miley Mabel I find kinda sad because the only reason it kind of bothers me is the Miley Cyrus connection.. So it makes it really weird when paired with such a classy antique such as Mabel

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