Hello, my name is

Albert James

Amelia Maves

Ariadne Grace

Athena Jolie

Ava Catherwood

Bon Franklin

Brinley Bates (girl)

Brynn Aren

Carter Wilberforce

Cheryl Rayden

Colton June

Cort William

Drew Rawlings

Elias Thompson

Emitt Gunner

Esoj Joaquin

Farrah Essence

Gaea Azul

Gloria Joy

Hatton Ellie

Hewitt Edwin

Ignatius Xavier

Izzy Kush (boy)

Janelle Marie

Jocelyn Star

Julyanan Lynn

Kasper Samuel

Kellen Barrett

Koki Ray

Lang Scott

Leona Nell

Lindsey Duke (girl)

Lucas Sage

MacAlister Lennon

Marty Matthew

Maythan Rnadal

Penelope Inae

Quinn Olivia

Remington Park

Roscoe Joseph

Sammie Joe

Sebastian Gryphyn

Sherry Laura

Stella Presley

Sy Reed

Tessly Jean

Tonya Elizabeth

Trystabelle Rose

Vi Delores

Will Theodore

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2 Responses to VI DELORES

  1. It took me a while to twig that Esoj was Jose backwards ….

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