IRIS HONEYBEE (unexpected middle names)

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I love surprising middle names.  They make things interesting when I scrolling through birth announcements.  What is your favorite surprising middle name?  Would you use one?  Did you?

Alex Mayhem

Alice Younglove

Anastasia Northern

Arlo Bloom

Blake Handsome

Brayden Kite

Brianna Symphony

Caiomhe Sunset

Caleb Badger

Chloe Sunshine

Damian Thunder

Destiny Spring

Eleanor Hum

Elias Twister

Finley Six (girl)

Gabriel Cloud

Harmony Dusk

Iris Honeybee

Jade Fox

Julian Rocket

Keira Day

Kohen Frost

Lily Pop

Logan Squire

Marcus Fate

Narae Blueberry

Oliver Danger

Parker Camaro

Remy Owl

Silas Hero

What unexpected middle name would you use?

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6 Responses to IRIS HONEYBEE (unexpected middle names)

  1. Ashlie says:

    I would love to use Steadfast, Evergreen, or Keeper in the middle for a boy. Kismet or Muse for a girl. And I’ve been thinking about Resonate too, but I think it would work for either.

    Honeybee is a great middle by the way. I love this list.

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  3. I can’t help but like Essence for a girl. On this list, I rather like Thunder, Frost, Mayhem and Sunshine.

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  5. These middle names are amazing! I LOVE Honeybee and quite like Sunshine, but Lily Pop is adorable.

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