Abby Brynn

Ambrose Martin

Barrett Conrad

Berkley Christine

Blue Jacqueline

Cayler James

Creed Elizabeth

Daisy Morgan

Dominic Sage

Elli-oot Corwin

Elvie Corelia

Faye Justine

Finn Arthur

Genevra Missy

Grayson Keller

Hudson Theodore

Ireland Mae

James Beckett

Jessa Joanne

Kambyl Kathleen

Kelby Vincent

Laya Lorraine

Levi Hadley

Maddox Fred

Maureen Reanne

Nicolas Orion

Oaklyn Marie

Otto Edward

Paxton Kai

Pria Joy

Quinn Mattie

Radley James

Riki Madison

Sarabella DeeAnne

Sloan Charles

Tallie Lynn

Trig Bentley

Vella Jean

William Kermit

Zooey Skye

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4 Responses to SOUTH DAKOTA

  1. Emily says:

    Loving Ambrose Martin, Genevra Missy, Otto Edward, and especially William Kermit. Seeing Kermit in the middle spot just makes me smile.

  2. Elli-oot???? (reaches for smelling salts).

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