• Angus Edward Campbell 
  • Anna Liberty (Arthur)
  • Athena Cecily Talitha (Alastair)
  • Atticus Edward Samuel 
  • Berry Thea
  • Calyssa Emma
  • Caspian Marc 
  • Cecily Beatrix (Rose Isabella)
  • Clementine Verity (Liberty & Anastasia)
  • Coco Elizabeth Patricia
  • Eleanore Marie Alesta
  • Espen Haakon John
  • Everly Foluso Harper (girl)
  • Flora Marguerite (Archie & Beatrice)
  • Florence Veronica Niamh
  • Franziska Ada Marie (Josephine)
  • Gilford Peter Palgrave
  • Harriette Angharad (Will)
  • Heidi Beatrix 
  • Honor Alexandra Charlotte (Georgia)
  • Hugo Rafferty
  • Imogen Jane Marieliese
  • Isla Acacia
  • Jasper Lawrence (Tabitha)
  • Julia Wiola Vivian (Oscar)
  • Kirsten Arwen Summer
  • Leopold Xan 
  • Letitia Milly-Maria
  • Marina Ingrid Agneta
  • Matilda Molly (Poppy)
  • Maximus Connor Hamlyn
  • Miles Angus Cato (Guy & Dominic)
  • Orlando Tiberius 
  • Poppy Annabel Patricia (Alfie)
  • Rollo James Swinburne
  • Rose Agnes
  • Ruth Sally (Eleanor & William)
  • Sebastian Drummond
  • Seraphina Joyce Lacey (Talford, Campbell, & Tyrrell)
  • Thomas Edmund Aubin
  • Wilfred Murdo (Minnie)
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5 Responses to BERRY THEA (London)

  1. eponymia says:

    Favorites here include Gilford Peter Palgrave and Wilfred Murdo (with sister Minnie, too).

  2. Cecily Beatrix is STUNNING, and a sweet match with sister Rose.

    Clementine Verity is nice too, very eclectic sibset!

  3. Skizzo says:

    Are their birth announcements for the UK that are more generalized? This seems like its a niche segment of the naming population, considering names like Riley, Harley, Bailey and Taylor are amongst the most popular boys names in the UK.

  4. Emily says:

    I love the upper crust British names. They’re so wonderfully quirky and classy. There are so many I like here, but my favorites are Clementine Verity, Leopold Xan, Marina Ingrid Agneta, Miles Angus Cato, and Wilfred Murdo.

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