• Aidan Music 
  • Calvin Quinn
  • Candler Ryan
  • Corinna Morgan
  • Dalson Douglas
  • Dane Elliot 
  • Devlin Brasel
  • Drystan Lee
  • Eowyn Noelle
  • Gretchen Teresa
  • Hayden Estelle
  • Hayla Rosafay
  • Honesty Jahlisa
  • Jair Alexis
  • Jercey Dierek Trey (boy)
  • Josephina Victoria
  • Kagan Reid
  • Kasey Leight (girl)
  • Keoni Victor
  • Klay Aldon
  • Kristiarose Marie
  • Lavada May
  • Leilani Michaela
  • Lizzy Bailey
  • Lula Rhiannon
  • Makade Lyndon
  • Marcelena Rose
  • Mattingly Shea
  • Maya Hazel
  • Micah Winford
  • Mirabelle Remi
  • Monroe Marie
  • Nate Nelson
  • Nickia Shanae
  • Oshen Laila
  • Phoenix Rayne
  • Reaston Douglas
  • Ricaya Moton
  • Rizon Zavier
  • Ryan Read
  • Ryle Brand (boy)
  • Scarlett Grey
  • Seamus Kooligan
  • Selah Belle
  • Shaya Marie
  • Skye Noelle
  • Stevi Arianna
  • Sylar Arthur
  • Tarkyn Riley
  • Tayven Lee
  • Theodore Edward
  • Tino Elias
  • Treighshon Emery
  • Tucker Tate
  • Tyrell Jamal
  • Wyatt River
  • Zaniya Amber Rose
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5 Responses to AIDAN MUSIC (Sunday)

  1. Emily says:

    This is an almost schizophrenic mix of names. They’re all over the place stylistically. I really like the quirkiness of Calvin Quinn. Seamus Kooligan made me laugh a little. Names like Wyatt River and Phoenix Rayne give me a sort of Midwestern hippie vibe. The alliteration in Monroe Marie, Nate Nelson, Ryan Read, and Tucker Tate is kind of fun. I LOVE Lula Rhiannon and Micah Winford.

  2. Skurinksi says:

    What are the genders of: Jair Alexis, Makade Lyndon, Mattingly Shea, Phoenix Rayne, Ricaya Moton, Treighshon Emery?

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