HANNO & ZANDRINE (South Africa)

  • Anzani Thando 
  • Athena Rosalie
  • Axton Houston
  • Blessings Makina
  • Caleb Jethro
  • Cleo Joy 
  • Didintle Joy
  • Enzo Kitto
  • Faith Tumelo
  • Franco Willem
  • Hanno Franz
  • Jackson Zibuzele
  • Jean Tiaan
  • Kago Botshelo
  • Karla Hensia 
  • Kenzo Duarte
  • Kirsty Jade
  • Lala Ompfa
  • Leo Zealand
  • Leonieke Anske
  • Libra Ashton
  • Loumarie Etzebeth
  • Luzelle Imogan
  • Mathabo Bianca
  • Milan Aoki-lee
  • Neo Lefa
  • Noble Letago
  • Olivia Zafrin
  • Paige Zoleka
  • Pako Lily
  • Petrus Francois
  • Reinhardt Ferdi 
  • Rutendo Olive
  • Sinikiwe Musa
  • Sophie Meg
  • Tatum Mia
  • Thato Ethan
  • Thomas Lungi
  • Vethro Callum
  • Zandine Sage
  • Zinhle Sharon
  • Zita Alice


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9 Responses to HANNO & ZANDRINE (South Africa)

  1. Emily says:

    There are some really interesting choices here! I’ve been wondering about baby names in South Africa since the Nameberry question was posted the other day.

    My favorites here are Athena Rosalie, Caleb Jethro, Franco Willem, Loumarie Etzebeth, Petrus Francois, Vethro Callum, and Zita Alice. Lots of the names on this list sound like ethnic choices… I’m particularly intrigued by Vethro. Off to investigate!

  2. Skurinksi says:

    I like Kenzo and Kago best. Kenzo could crossover thanks to Enzo’s rising popularity.

  3. These are fantastic! (I love the new blog look, btw).

    My favourites: Zita Alice, Libra Ashton, Blessings Makina and Leo Zealand.

  4. Fascinating; very much reveals the influence of the indigenous langauges and Afrikaans.

  5. onomasticsisfantastics says:


    I am South African and have been following SA names for years. If possible, can you please tell me where you find these, so as to aid me in my study.

    Thank you

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