• Adalia Saige
  • Aible Mekhi
  • Amake Christopher
  • Arguel Samuel 
  • Astah Mae
  • Aurora Shane
  • Bella Lulani
  • Carlin Jay
  • Chantholis TJ
  • Cooper Vaughn
  • Curtis Alfred
  • Dallas Irene
  • Daymian Loki
  • Dorian Todd
  • Elias Duke
  • Emily Leanor
  • Esaias Paul
  • Faye Ora
  • Foxwell George
  • Glorianna Violet
  • Hazel Jane Ray
  • Ila Marlene
  • Izabel Falene
  • Jazee Jillian
  • Joaquin Raymond
  • Josefina Meilling
  • Justin Borja
  • Kajah Amanda
  • Keagan Gage
  • Koda Patrick 
  • Kyla Dezra Renee
  • Leilana Candie
  • Liberty Evelyn
  • Logan Otto
  • Maelee Astrid
  • Makia Harley Leiola 
  • Marya Violet
  • Melody Dream
  • Mina Meg
  • Mychal Cora 
  • Nikomi Grace
  • Ole Tobias
  • Paramour Ninabella
  • Raina Madelyn
  • Remy Jack 
  • Riola Emini
  • Rozario Johanna
  • Sage Alexander Bradley
  • Seamus Gillespie
  • Stella Sophia
  • Taafua Zion Hart
  • Tayana Gloria
  • Tionne Neichelle
  • Velvet Vee
  • Wren Sophia
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10 Responses to FOXWELL & VELVET (ALASKA)

  1. Emily says:

    I love these: Dorian Todd, Elias Duke, Foxwell George, Hazel Jane Ray, and Seamus Gillespie. Esaias Paul would have made my list if it was spelled Isaias… or is Esaias one I’ve never heard? I’d like to hear more of Joaquin and Liberty. I love Liberty for a girl, especially with nickname possibility of Libby. Ole Tobias and Paramour are interesting choices…

    • Names4Real says:

      I looked up Esaias and found it was the greek form of Isaias. There is also Esaias Tegner, regarded as the father of modern poetry in Sweden (during the 19th century).

  2. Eponymia says:

    I like Foxwell George, Ole Tobias and Velvet Vee. Paramour Ninabella’s groan-worthy.

  3. The Name Station says:

    Following these lists, I might have to give Alaska the title of most adventurous naming state. In Canada’s northern territory, Nunavut, Phoenix is a top 100 name for girls. I wonder if there’s something about long winter nights and boredom that go hand in hand with adventurous naming? 😉

  4. Skurinksi says:

    Koda, Remy and Sage are my favorites for boys.

    Adalia, Aurora and Mina are my favorites for girls.

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  6. Sebastiane says:

    I love these!

    Dallas Irene-GP
    Dorian T
    Faye Ora
    Foxwell George
    Glorianna Violet
    Hazel Jane
    Marya Violet
    Melody Dream-GP
    Ole Tobias
    Paramour Ninabella-total GP
    Remy Jack
    Sage Alexander Bradley
    Stella Sophia
    Wren Sophia

  7. Jessica says:

    You know what? My daughter IS Maelee Astrid

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