• Airison Jude (boy)
    • Anberlin Grace
    • Arcadio Adolphus
    • Avery Blake (boy)
    • Bennett Spencer 
    • Bodie Finn
    • Bristol Claire 
    • Caiden Blaize
    • Cassie Paige
    • Chezney LeeAnn
    • Colton Jru 
    • Dakota Wolfe
    • Denver James
    • Eden Alice Hope
    • Elizabeth Loreen
    • Estella Jane
    • Grant Robinson
    • Harlow Kate
    • Holden Zachary 
    • Isaura Chanae
    • Jamison Storm
    • Jethzabel
    • Josie Jae
    • Kenzie Gray
    • Lagan Thrasher
    • Leonard Lee 
    • London James David
    • Mackenzie Odell
    • Mariclaire Isabelle
    • Maximus Kyle
    • Milleen Neipey (girl)
    • Nevaeh Bernice
    • Olivia Austyn
    • Penny Miranda
    • Rainy May
    • Renesmee Lyn Maree
    • Rozlyn Anabelle
    • Sawyer Levi 
    • Silas Orrington
    • Taven Gatsby
    • Tobias Truett
    • Valarie Hope
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8 Responses to MARICLAIRE

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Bristol seems to be picking up steam. Some interesting names there.

    Sexes for Dakota, Kenzie, Mackenzie, Rainy and Taven please?

    Chezney is hilarious. And what the hell is Jru? Is it supposed to be Drew?

    • Names4Real says:

      Dakota: boy
      Kenzie: girl
      Mackenzie: girl
      Rainy: girl
      Taven: boy

      I’m not sure about Jru. I googled it and a few things came up with that abbrieviation so I hope its just not a mangled spelling of Drew.

  2. Sophia says:

    Wow, so many things to be said about so many of these name!
    Anberlin Grace- Anberlin after the band? Horrible.
    Arcadio Adolphus- Arcadio sounds like, well, an arcade game.
    Caiden Blaize- so “trendy”, I’m not a fan of the double ‘ai’.
    Chezney LeeAnn- Chezney is…really unpleasant and un-feminine.
    Colton Jru- I can’t believe they spelt the middle name that way! (I’m assuming it’s pronounced like Drew)
    Harlow Kate- too similar to Nicole Richie’s girl Harlow Winter Kate. Pretty though!
    Jethzabel- girl, yes? It’s far too much of a mouthful for me.
    Lagan Thrasher- it just sounds so violent and extreme for a tiny baby.
    Nevaeh Bernice- I wish the backward Heaven trend would end!
    Renesmee Lyn Maree- I also wish the naming-children-after-Twilight-characters trend would end! Particular this one because it’s so distinctive.

    But I love Avery Blake, Bodie Finn (I prefer Bodhi though), Estella Jane, Penny Miranda, Rainy May (although it sounds a bit too much like Rainy Day) and Valarie Hope (prefer Valerie though).

    • Names4Real says:

      Yes, Jethzabel is a girl and I knew you’d pick up on Harlow Kate. 🙂

      Yeah, Nevaeh and Renesmee in the same post. What was I thinking? Both are bad. Nevaeh made it because of her middle name. I never see any baby Bernices. I usually skip over her.

      As for Twilight, I don’t mind when the other names are used like Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward. They were around along time before Twilight and will continue, and they are all fabulous names, with the one exception of Renesmee. That screams Twilight fan.

      • Sophia says:

        Yeah, I totally agree that there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t use the Twilight names like Alice, Edward, etc, but Renesmee is too much, and I’m not a fan of Cullen either.

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  4. jessamyn says:

    I named my son airison jude in april of 2010….the newspaper published it as judes though….I was mortified.

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