1. Aiden Joseph
  2. Alana Marie
  3. Angelina Marie
  4. Annabella May
  5. Austin Lee
  6. Baylor Charles
  7. Benjamin Ray
  8. Blake Chase  
  9. Braxten Bentley
  10. Brock Gavin
  11. Carter Paul
  12. Colin
  13. Colter Noel
  14. Eleanor Catherine
  15. Emma Annabel
  16. Erica Lynn
  17. Gabe Samuel
  18. Hunter Weston
  19. Ila Kay
  20. Ila Mange   
  21. Ivy Nakole
  22. Jack William
  23. Jacob Park  
  24. Jann Fritz
  25. Julia Michelle
  26. Kaden Michael
  27. Katelynn Paige
  28. Korrah Jaiylee
  29. Kylee Rae
  30. Lanndon Alan 
  31. Leah Jane
  32. Lia Lorang
  33. Liam Hunter
  34. Liam James
  35. Lucia Lynn
  36. Lucretia Lynden
  37. Lukas Beckett
  38. Macen Thomas Ellsworth
  39. Madeleine Susan-Jean
  40. Marian Grace
  41. Mason Leon
  42. McKinly Lindsey May
  43. Miranda Joy
  44. Mykah Henry
  45. Prior Joseph
  46. Rees Caroleen
  47. Royce
  48. Sidney Elizabeth
  49. Sophia Lynn
  50. Sophie Rose
  51. Teagon Joseph
  52. Teegan Hawley (girl)
  53. Tony Lee
  54. Trampas Montgomery
  55. Tristan John
  56. Ty Carvelle
  57. Tyler David
  58. Valary Rose
  59. Xavier John
  60. Wyatt August
  61. Zander Derrick

Babies born in April 2010.

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8 Responses to ILA & TRAMPAS

  1. Dearest says:

    Korrah Jaiylee.
    And I wonder where Ila comes from and how it’s pronounced.

  2. Whitney Gigandet says:

    Ila Mange’s middle name concerns me a bit 😦 I wonder if the parents know that mange is the name of a horrible skin disease that affects animals?

    I was wondering, is Trampus spelled with a “U” like in the post title or an “A” like in the actual post? Either way, I can’t say I’m a fan because all I can see is the word “tramp.”

    Love Eleanor Catherine 🙂

    • Names4Real says:

      Oops. Good catch there Whitney. It’s Trampas with an ‘a’ not a ‘u’. I fixed it.

      I thought the same thing when I saw her middle name and it means ‘to eat’ in French. Either way, it’s a strange middle name.

      • JNE says:

        I’ll agree with everyone that Mange jumped out at me on that list and is particularly… um… well, awful anyway you slice it.

        I quite like Marian Grace and Wyatt August, though.

  3. Sophia says:

    Ew at Baylor, Braxten, Colter, Korrah, Kylee, Teagon and Trampas.

  4. Sebastiane says:

    I like these:

    4.Annabella May
    6.Baylor Charles
    14.Eleanor Catherine
    15.Emma Annabel
    22.Jack William
    39.Madeleine Susan-Jean
    40.Marian Grace
    43.Miranda Joy
    45.Prior Joseph

  5. Nikolaus Koln says:

    I cannot believe that this can be true

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