MY NAME IS . . .

  • Adalina Rose
  • Aislinn Mabel
  • Alden Peter
  • Blake Sterling
  • Bryna Avery
  • Calista Blair
  • Cavan Joseph
  • Chester Alan
  • Dexter Murphy
  • Dora Elizabeth
  • Efrain Joshua
  • Elijah Hart
  • Eliza Quinn
  • Finnegan Wiley
  • Fiona Louise
  • Gabrielle Ophelia
  • Ganin Douglas
  • Haidyn Ottis
  • Hollin Isabelle
  • Issa Allison
  • James Ciro
  • Jana Pyper
  • Josephine Dixie
  • Kailan Eloise
  • Kegan Gabe
  • Layla Fini
  • Lena Victoria
  • Margaret Lillian
  • Matthew Quinn
  • Mya Hart
  • Noah River
  • Porter Lucas
  • Remy Lee (boy)
  • Rose Sophia
  • Rowan Douglas
  • Sarah Eve
  • Sullivan Drew
  • Tristan Forester
  • Tucker Monroe
  • Zia Isabel
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4 Responses to MY NAME IS . . .

  1. SarahinJune says:

    I love:

    Adalina Rose
    Dexter Murphy
    Dora Elizabeth
    Eliza Quinn
    Finnegan Wiley
    Mya Hart (Is it a play off of My Heart? If it is, I love it).
    Noah River
    Remy Lee (Is this for a boy or a girl? I love Remy on a little boy, but NOT on girls).
    Rowan Douglas

  2. Names4Real says:

    Remy is a boy.

  3. Kaisa says:

    Long lists mean loads of great names. My favourites are Calista Blair, Fiona Louise, Josephine Dixie (love the middle name!), Lena Victoria, Noah River, Remy Lee and Tristan (Forester not so much).
    I don’t like the spelling of Haidyn or Pyper. I love Hayden and Piper as names but changing the letters or replacing -i with -y is totally unnecessary.

  4. babynamelover says:

    Chester! cool
    Dexter Murphy is spunky!
    Dora Elizabeth is lovely.
    Noah River is handsome.
    Sullivan Drew is nice too.

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