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MICHELLE DOUGLAS “Millie” (quotes)

Did your baby name need quotes? Adelore Lea “Addie” Amelia Viola “Ava” Archibald Hawkins “Archie” Augustus Gerald “Augie” Benton Matthias “Bentley Broderick Melvin “Brody” Charles Macinnes “Mac” Charlton Douglas “Charlie” Clarissa Brynn “Clary” Donald Gene “Tad” Eirwen Alice “Winnie” Eliana … Continue reading

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EDWIN CARL “WIN” (quotes)

Abram Joseph “Abe” Christopher “Case” Edwin Carl “Win” Francesca Taylor “Frannie” Geneva Katherine “Eva Kate” Josephine Valentine “Josey” Katherine Finley “Kate” Landon Kate “Lake” Lewis Franklin “Luke” Lillian Camille “Millie” Margaret Josephine “Maggie” Mason Paige “Maci” Patricia Jeanne “Trisha” Robert … Continue reading

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Please call me this.  Not that.  Adelheid Mary “Heidi” Alieda Leiper “Leelee” Alice Mary “Ali” Amelia Falconer “Millie” Bertram Richard “Bertie” Caroline Sara “Carrie” Christopher Ambrose Richard “Kit” Dolina Flora “Dolly” Edward Bebe “Ned” Edward Isaac “Ted” Elisabeth Katherine “Elsie” … Continue reading

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Some parents are okay with putting a nickname on a birth certificate, but other parents choose a longer form, but want the child to go by the nickname.  Some birth announcements come with a quote to tell everyone what their child … Continue reading

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LIVVY & ROSIE (nicknames)

These parents skipped the formal version and put a nickname on the birth certificate.   Abby Brynn Abe Joseph Alex Jay Annie Martha Ben Taylor Bobby Ambrose Carrie Louise Emme Louise Evie Megan Gigi Emmanuelle Gracie Lorraine Hal George Jamie Ace Kate … Continue reading

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