AUGUST AXEL ROSE (double middles)

Hello, my name is

Atton Cory Ray
August Axel Rose (boy)
Brevick David James
Cecelia Betty Gene
Cecily Anne Marie
Charity Elizabeth Grace
Dahlia Markenna Hadley
Eddrick Christian Noah
Eli Jefferson Bray
Faith Lawanda Naomi
Freyah Ruth Ann
Kantler Milton Thomas
Kaulder Christopher Lee
Maeve Jo McKinnon
Marquise Mack Cannon
Mavis Rae Paige
Maxine Aurora Rae
Nevaeh Darline Grace
Novaleigh Lucille Marie
Rally William Kinser
Remington Robert Michael
Rosie Rai Pearl
Soffie Ann De’mi
Tessa Patricia Anne
Tilla Totty Ann
Trinity Elaine Lorraine
Vernon John Michael
Will Andrew Douglas
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6 Responses to AUGUST AXEL ROSE (double middles)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love these! Can’t decide whether my favorite is Cecily Anne Marie, Cecelia Betty Gene, or Charity Elizabeth Grace…then again, Faith Lawanda Naomi is really fun. Lawanda! Of the boys’ names, I think my favorite is Vernon John Michael.

    Question – have you been noticing more children with double and triple middle names lately or has that generally died down?

    • Names4Real says:

      Hi! Good question. It is rare to see a birth announcement with triple middle names, but it is becoming more common here in the U.S. to see double middle names so I don’t think it’s not going to die down anytime soon.

  2. Names4Real says:

    I haven’t kept a record, but here is one I published earlier with Four middle names.

    Dawson Wade Alarik Zayhne Emory

    I’ll have to see if I have a longer one.

  3. Christina Fonseca says:

    Cecily Anne Marie

  4. Amy3 says:

    Cecily Anne Marie is beautiful. I also like Freyah Ruth Ann (although I’d drop the H from Freya).

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