Abraham Hodge
Ainsley Hazel
Amelia Rosemary
Anneliese Maureen
Annika Leona
Athena Ellen
Bangali Vafin (boy)
Beck Allan
Blaze Gray
Bristol Page
Callen Rober
Camiiia Josephine
Chauncey Grover
Claudette Ethel
Colette Hazel
Cormick Axle
Decker Eric
Dora Lizett
Elroi Reeves
Eve Arlene
Finley Otto
Griffin Dekker
Hera Susan
Hercules Chayphet
Hiromasa Caleb
Indi Joelle
Isabelle Bonnie-Leu
Ivy Isabella
Jett Garrett
Junah Sally
Kingston Billy
Korby Edward
Letti Elizabeth
Luna Selene
Malena Cherrice
McCoy Neil
Miles Bernard
Minnie Ginnovese
Monroe LaRae
Nova Ode
Olive Malone
Otto Dean
Penny Mae
Phoenix Steven
Remy Pryce 
Ronan Luther
Sailor Josephine
Saw Mander
Segni Borami
Sloan Mari
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3 Responses to SAILOR JOSEPHINE (Minnesota)

  1. Christina Fonseca says:

    Ainsley Hazel, Camilla Josephine, Miles Bernard

  2. Amy3 says:

    Dora Lizett, Olive Malone

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Claudette Ethel!!! <3<3<3

    Other favorites are Amelia Rosemary, Chauncey Grover, Hera Susan, and Otto Dean.

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