Hello, my name is

Ainsley Martha Dell
Arabella Jade Elizabeth
Arrosa Anna Marie
Augustine Charles Randall
Bo Levi Alfred
Caprice Ivory Jo
Cash Liam Dean
Cole Bradford
Damaris Isobelle Hope
Declan Abraham Loken
Elsa Chasity Breanna
Evelyn Charlotte Juliette
Gabriel Galieleo Copernicus
Grace Renata Mary
India Renate Ocean
Jade Clara Ellen
Kai Michael Paris
Killian Lucas James
Leeroy Morgan James
Lucien Edward Thor
Lydia Hazel Mae
Mary Lynn Norma
Meadow Reign Espn
Oakley Brielle Carolyn
Phoenix Elmward Elias
Rex Robert Joy
Roman John Timmoth
Ronan Xavier Clayton
Runa Mary Ann
Scout Abigail Nichole
Seraphina Vanellope Solis
Sirius Demery James
Tabitha Therese Anne
Thea Arden Rae
Xavier Raymond Alex
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  1. Augustine Charles Randall is stunning! I’m also rather fond of Grace Renata Mary and Evelyn Charlotte Juliette. Gabriel Galieleo Copernicus is a fun combo too. 🙂

    Does Cole Bradford have another middle name?

  2. Amy3 says:

    India Renate Ocean and Phoenix Elmward Elias (I’d love to know the story behind Elmward)

  3. Christina Fonseca says:

    Arabella Jade Elizabeth, Damaris Isobelle Hope, Lydia Hazel Mae
    Ronan Xavier Clayton

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