JERSEY ROSE (Illinois)


Alani James
Archer Andrew
Aviona Sarah
Blake Milton
Braylee Drew
Breccan Elias
Bruno Tanari
Cainnan Archyr
Carson Levi
Cattleya Christele
Davidsen James
Fiona Eve
Gannon Brentley
George Zikun
Gino Anton
Harper Rin
Hendrix Romaine
Jameson Everett
Jersey Rose
Julian Iker
Kate Annalise
Katherine Reed
Kedzie Rose-Marie
Landon Carl
Langston Harper (girl)
Linkyn Arlo
Lucylia Mae Soulshine
Macy Bea
Madelyn Colette
Malachi Tamar
Melanie Yvonne Renee
Millie Jayde
Natalie Virginia
Nikolai Dallas
Nolanlee Nasri Elijah
Oakley Erin
Olivia Rosemary
Ophelia Kay Louise
Piper Vail
Ronald Eugene
Theodore Olive
Wynter Letha Rose
Yasmin Consepcion
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2 Responses to JERSEY ROSE (Illinois)

  1. megleonard says:

    Glad you are back!
    I’m wondering if Theodore Olive is a girl or boy??

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