Hello, my name is

Alexandra Elizabeth “Lexi”
Archimedes Vaughan ‘Ari”
Augustus Jack “Gus”
Bernard “Emmett” Lee
Bronwyn Mae “Wynnie”
Cardale Albers “Albie”
Charles O’Neal “Charlie”
Chris Theodore “Champ”
Daenerys Jane “Dany”
Eliana Christine “Ellie”
Elizabeth Alice “Betty”
Greyson Edward “Bear”
Henry James “Hank”
John Alexander “Jax”
Joseph Gregory “Tech”
Lily “Estelle”
Lucia Winter “Lucy”
Lucille Pearl “Lucy”
Macklin Duane “Max”
Montego Rudil “Monty”
November Marina “Novi”
Robert “Camden”
Skyler Logan “Skye”
Terry Lee “Trey”
Thomas Rowen “Rory”
Timothy Wayne “Trey”
William Gainesville “Gaines”
William Stanford “Ford”
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1 Response to WILLIAM STANFORD ‘FORD’ (quotes)

  1. Amy3 says:

    Cardale Albers “Albie”

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