Adalena Shelbie
Alex Barbara
Archer Steven
Augustus Brennan
Autumn Rlou
Bennett King
Bowdrie Jon
Braxten Boone
Brinley Bella
Cairo Liam
Charlie August
Coletta Eva Anne
Cooper Ames
Dextor Martin
Duke Wayne
Elena Vivian
Estelle Page
Everett Blake
Everly Imogen
Forrest Litland
George Tennessee
Grace Benedicta
Granger James
Harrison Victor
Haviland Sue
Herbert Walter
Isak Chester
Ivory Zane
James Talbot
Josie Corrie
Leighton Jeffrey
Lilybell Grace
Lyndon John
Mabel Suzanne
Melvin Jon
Milah Bryn
Morganna Meredith
Nia Amna
Olbin Alberto
Paxton Oliver
Penley Jean
Reed Lucas
Reiney Corrine
Roland Gerald
Rowen Lloyd
Scarlette Audine
Sullivan Norbert
Vail Elizabeth
Violet Eve
Williams Mizrain
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3 Responses to GEORGE TENNESSEE & VAIL ELIZABETH (Minnesota)

  1. Christina Fonseca says:

    I like a lot of boy names in this set!

    Archer Steven, Augustus Brennan, Cooper Ames, Everett Blake
    Violet Eve

  2. Amy3 says:

    Grace Benedicta – I’m not always the biggest fan of Grace, but with this middle? Wow!

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