Hello, my name is

Andrew Gale & Owen Elliott
Asa Taylor & Judah Thomas
Barrett Slade & Trenton Cooper
Bodhi Steven & Rorin Michael
Charles Houston & Hank West
Cooper Isaiah & Kanton Isaac
Davis Allen & Vincen James
Donald Eugene & Hunter James Henry
Easton Carter & Wyatt Cullen
Elijah Owen & Luke Ethan
Finnegan David & Maverick Ivan
Hatcher Phillip & Jet Evan
Jase Robert & Jeb Crawford
Joey Mitchell & Marshall Jeremy
Lane  Michael & Wade Paul
Lucky William & Waylon Anderson
Oden Arthur & Silas Edward
Scott Victory & Skyler Carl
Zachariah Andrew & Zebadiah Alexander
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One Response to ASA TAYLOR & JUDAH THOMAS (twin boys)

  1. Amy3 says:

    Andrew Gale/Owen Elliot and Oden Arthur/Silas Edward

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