Georgia 2

Abigail River
Adelaide Kimber
Alabama Joy
Amelia Skye
Anouk Ferrous
Aria Paisley
Aspen Idella Lynn
Beckham Pierce
Betty Jo
Brantley Ted
Cali Nevaeh
Claire Aurora
Coda Richard
Crimson KayLynn Alonis
Daniel Arturo
Dexter Dale
Easton Eldrid
Evelyn James
Frances Fitzgerald
Gabriel Waverly
George Holis
Gibson Isaac
Hannah-Grace Alexis
Hikari Kenji
Italy Giselle
Izzadora Fancie
Janet Grace
Jeansly Nicole
Jimmy Rowe
Kaisley Grace
Kingston Beau
Lakelynn Capri
Leonard Thomas
Linleigh Hope
Lucy Annette
Mary Mizell
Memphis David
Myka Kamber
Nala Marie
Owen Rentz
Piper Dee
Remington Ann
River Scarlett Song
Roselyn Aurora
Sawyer Ethan
Sierra Rayvin
Sofia Giselle
Sylas Levi
Talmadge Winfield
Tinsley Blake
Vadie-Mae Louise
Victoria Hensley
William Adair
Zachary Archer
Zinnia Marie
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1 Response to ALABAMA JOY (Georgia)

  1. Amy3 says:

    Betty Jo (I hope she goes by both!)

    Evelyn James and Frances Fitzgerald would make good g/g twins.

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