Hello, my name is

Ambromitis Tristen
Aubrie Zita
Blaze Daniel
Brexley Grace
Brooks Ernie
Carrie Myra
Clementine Petra
Clint Matthew
Delaney Maxine
Demery Avalina
Elijah Montgomery
Elora Rosemary
Enoch Timothy
Everly Leta
Finley Jordan (boy)
Frances Bumblebee
Francesca Judith
Gregor Donald
Gretel Kate
Hazel Everett
Holden Sidney
Indy Jane
Jackson Whidden
Joseph Gannon
Josephine Meira
Killian Eugene
Laeth Hawking
Leelu Pip
Lochlan Anders
Luella Florence
Majok Magiir
Markee Christine
Maximus Dash
Mila Rooney
Noel Evangeline
Oliver Bishop
Pamela Grace
Ramses Zylen
Remington Marshall
Rory Jacob
Rosalie Jayne
Santana Ezekiel
Senora Jacquelyn
Taran Lux
Thomas Lebleu
Violet Ruby
Willa Annie
Xander Felix
Zowee Faith
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  1. Christina Fonseca says:

    Love Rosalie Jayne! Gregor Donald & Remington Marshall

  2. Wow! I’ve never heard Bumblebee as a name before. Cute.
    I think my favorites from this list are:
    Xander Felix
    Clint Matthew
    Willa Annie
    Violet Ruby
    Frances Bumblebee

  3. Amy3 says:

    In addition to Frances Bumblebee (which I LOVE!), I also like Clementine Petra.

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