MICHELLE DOUGLAS “Millie” (quotes)

Hello, my name is

Did your baby name need quotes?

  • Adelore Lea “Addie”
  • Amelia Viola “Ava”
  • Archibald Hawkins “Archie”
  • Augustus Gerald “Augie”
  • Benton Matthias “Bentley
  • Broderick Melvin “Brody”
  • Charles Macinnes “Mac”
  • Charlton Douglas “Charlie”
  • Clarissa Brynn “Clary”
  • Donald Gene “Tad”
  • Eirwen Alice “Winnie”
  • Eliana Jubilee “Ellie”
  • Evelyn Inez “Eve”
  • Gregory “Reed”
  • Harold Aden “Quint”
  • James “Barrett”
  • John Wilson “Wils”
  • Kevin “Lane”
  • Lillian James “Lilly”
  • Lucia Emilia “Lucy”
  • Macklen John Stephen  “Mac”
  • Michael John “Mack”
  • Michelle Douglas “Millie”
  • Pete “McClain”
  • Roberta Rain “Robbie”
  • Samuel “Bentley”
  • Theodore Joseph “Teddy”
  • Thomas Jay “TJ”
  • Virginia Lynn “Ginny”
  • William Judah “Liam”




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3 Responses to MICHELLE DOUGLAS “Millie” (quotes)

  1. Roberta Rain “Robbie” is my absolute favourite on this list.

  2. Amy3 says:

    I like Wils for John Wilson.

  3. Christina Fonseca says:

    Michelle Douglas – such an unexpected way to get to “Millie”!
    William Judah “Liam”

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