Hello, my name is

  • Ambrose Richard Dale
  • Aspen Cassidy Paige
  • Aspen Lee Robert
  • Brooke Clara Jean
  • Calvin Thomas Clyde
  • Daviana Claudia Jeanett
  • David Charleston Honor
  • Eli Bedford Coleman
  • Ellie Delilah Lou
  • Emsleigh Lynn Teresa
  • Freya Janet Rose
  • Gunnar Drugan Donald
  • Izabela Janet Mildred
  • Jack Theodore John
  • Kai Richard Raymond
  • Magnolia LenaMae Grace
  • Messiah Leroy Henry
  • Oakley Beta Louise
  • Princeton Clinton Maurice
  • Riley Soraya Arnita
  • Sawyer Vernon Herb
  • Sophia Rachel Heart
  • Thesious Justin Lee
  • Xavier Thadious James


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3 Responses to MAGNOLIA LENAMAE GRACE (double middles)

  1. I think my favorites here are Ambrose Richard Dale ans Sophia Rachel Heart. I’d like Thesious Justin Lee better if it were spelled Thesius, and Xavier Thadious James might be my favorite if that were spelled Thaddeus.

  2. Patricia says:

    Sophia Rachel Heart
    David Charleston Honor

  3. Amy3 says:

    Ambrose Richard Dale and Freya Janet Rose

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