Hello, my name is

  • Ambree Rose & Ty Brandon
  • Anna Louise & Jimmy William
  • Anniston Olivia & Noah Mark
  • Ashton Bay & Maya Luna
  • Benjamin Lewis & Quinn Avery
  • Cali Lorene & Easton Michael
  • Chloe Erya & Daniel Shuli
  • Colby Lee & Shelby Lynn
  • Edythe Caroline & Nels Gregory
  • Elsa Diann & Ezra John
  • Ford William & Magdalena Ruth
  • George Patrick & Hope Elizabeth
  • Houston Jace & Tacoma Lacey
  • Jensen Marshall & Lainee Charlotte
  • Kaster Munroe & Raeda Kaylinn
  • Lillian Rya & Nolan Gregory
  • Maci Jo & Nash Bradley
  • Myles Aaron & Suellen Marie
  • Raven Lorraine & Ryan Ravenell
  • River Andrew & Samara Jane

Favorites?  What would you name boy/girl twins?

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2 Responses to ASHTON BAY & MAYA LUNA (Boy/Girl Twins)

  1. From the above, I really dig Edythe Caroline and Nels Gregory.

    As to the potential of naming my own twins…I haven’t thought about boy/girl combos until now (Thomas and Didyme or Didymos and Thomasina?). Boy/boy twins would almost certainly be Frederick and George with Meriadoc and Peregrine as possible middles. Girl/girl twins…Frederica and Georgiana. Yes, I’m a massive HP fan. 🙂

  2. Amy3 says:

    Edythe Caroline and Nels Gregory

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