Hello, my name is

  • Abigail Joan “A.J.”
  • Alice Lane “Ali”
  • Andrew “Grady”
  • Augustin John “Gus”
  • Brandon Oscar “Bo”
  • Charles Coorough “Charlie”
  • Charlotte Marie “Charlie”
  • Derrick “Justice”
  • Eilinore Vienne “Nora”
  • Elizabeth Jane “Eliza”
  • Gabriel Charles “Gable”
  • Gunnar Matthew “Batman”
  • Henry Waylan “Hank”
  • John Allen “Jack”
  • Kairan Edward “Kai”
  • Katherine Delores “Kate”
  • Katherine Hanna “Kit”
  • Lucia Annelise “Lucy”
  • Luciano Alexander “Luca”
  • Mary Frances “Mamie”
  • Maximus Corbett “Max”
  • Paul “Fox”
  • Quindalyn Elise “Quinn”
  • Robert “Kayson”
  • Susanna Lisbet “Zanna”
  • Tharp Spencer V  “Quinn”
  • Theodore Thomas “Teddy”
  • William Joseph “Wiley”
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  1. Amy3 says:

    Augustin John “Gus” and Mary Frances “Mamie”

  2. Lindsay says:

    Batman. I like that, but not as cool as someone I know, whose name is Nicholas Batmañ. Its Turkish.

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