LAKE HOLDEN QUINTEN (double middles)

Hello, my name is

  • Amiyah Vivian Jean
  • Archer John Joseph
  • Beckham Benjamin Richard
  • Bexley Cora Jane
  • Cheyenne Helen Caroline
  • Conway Stephen Daniel
  • Declan Robert Milton
  • Eleanor Marjorie Blanche
  • Emilia Destiny Rosemary
  • Faith Hope Marie
  • Felix Eidan Thomas
  • Hazel Ruby Jean
  • Hunter Rutger Augustus
  • Joe Alfred Amos
  • Katarina Elinor Sophia
  • Lake Holden Quinten
  • London Victoria Paris
  • Lucian Michael Joseph
  • Nanette Arlene Grace
  • Nathias Johnathan Joel
  • Penelope Willow Grace
  • Romeo Vidal Quantreco
  • Sasha Laurel Rose
  • Sylar Edward Steven
  • Torrah Rae Hart
  • Ty Mitchell Lawrence


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3 Responses to LAKE HOLDEN QUINTEN (double middles)

  1. I really like Eleanor Marjorie Blanche! The boys are a little more difficult…maybe Lucian Michael Joseph or Archer John Joseph.
    Emilia Destiny Rosemary is particularly nice too.

  2. Allure says:

    love the name Lake!

  3. Amy3 says:

    Hazel Ruby Jean

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