CRICKET ANN (Oklahoma)


  • Ambellina Alliese
  • Arcadious Nicolai
  • Cachelyn Lacey
  • Caylem Anthony
  • Clara Maeve
  • Colton Briar
  • Cora Dagny
  • Cricket Ann
  • Dawson Cade
  • Dean Hoyt
  • Divine Linda Rose
  • Emory Miles
  • Finnley Gabriel
  • Hadley Brielle
  • Harley Jordan (boy)
  • Huntleigh Alexander
  • James Palmer
  • Jameson Levi
  • Jaydee Jerry Jaiden
  • Joourney Naveah Divine
  • Josiah Lalo
  • Kabira Natori Roxanne
  • Kale Michael River
  • Kroslee Range
  • Levi Emmanuel
  • Luke Sawyer
  • Marisue Ruth
  • Matthew Sterling
  • Maximus Rex
  • Milo Moseo
  • Mina Madison Hope
  • Racie Kay
  • Reign Everly
  • Ridge Elliott
  • Salem Vaughn
  • Violet Amalie
  • Wayden Lee
  • William Ace
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4 Responses to CRICKET ANN (Oklahoma)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Violet Amalie and Dean Hoyt

    As an English speaker, Maximus Rex looks like a decent name enough. As someone who also knows Latin, I’m torn between laughing and grimacing. It’s both tacky and conceited…they literally named their son “greatest king.” Still, I’ve seen much worse.

  2. Christina Fonseca says:

    Violet Amalie and Matthew Sterling

  3. Amy3 says:

    Cricket Ann and Dean Hoyt

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