Hello, my name is

  • Aibhlinn Mary
  • Annie Joy
  • August Andrew
  • Aurora Louise
  • Boyd Raymond
  • Brantley Curtis
  • Brea Brantley
  • Cambria Jolene
  • Cole Bradford
  • Dalton Joshua Belle
  • Elaine Eloise
  • EmmieLou Rae
  • Finley Beckett
  • Forrest Quinn
  • Hattie Lyn
  • Hensley June
  • Holden Sorenson
  • Indigo A’hra
  • Joaquin Edgar
  • Josephina Sage
  • Katya Mitsuru
  • Kristen Leila
  • Layla Revalyn
  • Leon Qianmo
  • Lucia Kemper
  • Maimee Ruth
  • Malcolm Elliot
  • McKinley-Mae
  • Penelope Harper
  • Piercelyn Jean
  • Quincy Everest
  • Rex Xavier
  • River Charles
  • Sacora Dawn
  • Seth Ryland
  • Sylvia Claire
  • Titus Benedict
  • Wiley Daniel
  • Ylise Noelle


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5 Responses to FINLEY BECKETT & FORREST QUINN (Washington)

  1. Catherine says:

    Sylvia Claire, Aurora Louise, Josephina Sage

  2. Amy3 says:

    Aibhlinn Mary, Joaquin Edgar, Malcolm Elliot

  3. Christina Fonseca says:

    What a bunch of beautifully named kids! Joaquin Edgar, Malcolm Elliot, Annie Joy, Penelope Harper

  4. Interesting to see a Japanese name being used as a middle for Katya, though the combo as a whole is kinda meh to me.
    Also, I’m not really a fan of Piercelyn. If I would have had a girl and had to end up choosing between Pierce and Piercelyn, I’d rather choose the former.

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