• Adeline Virginia
  • Anazella Mahina
  • August Irving
  • Beatrice Eleanor
  • Benedict Robert
  • Calvin Pascal
  • Charisse Ann
  • Christian Jared
  • Connor Winfield
  • Courtland Cru
  • Demiana Jane
  • Drew Stanley
  • Emilia Jude
  • Ethanline Hosanna
  • Eva Alex
  • Everett Kekoa
  • Francesca Thomasine
  • Herman Maximovitch
  • Jayden Jackson Decker
  • Keanu Elijah
  • Landon Fitzwilliam
  • Lola Wren
  • Lyra Carlene
  • Mateo Cyrus
  • Maverick Pierre
  • Micah Chainsaw
  • Parker Thomas Dix
  • Quinn Ariana
  • Reuben Yule
  • Samuel Phoenix
  • Sawyer Everett
  • Skylar Morgan (boy)
  • Tabitha Drew
  • Theodore Alexander “Teddy”



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4 Responses to SAMUEL PHOENIX & SAWYER EVERETT (California)

  1. Amy3 says:

    Lola Wren and Mateo Cyrus

  2. Christina Fonseca says:

    Everett Kekoa and Lola Wren.

    Quinn Ariana and Tabitha Drew are great as well.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Adeline Virginia and Benedict Robert, but Francesca Thomasine, Theodore Alexander, Beatrice Eleanor, and Landon Fitzwilliam are all great too!

    The one name that disturbs me is Micah Chainsaw…I know some have noticed a trend towards weapon names or otherwise violent names, but at least most of the ones I’ve seen so far sound like names and can be disguised as such. Chainsaw, though? What were they thinking? At least it’s only a middle name, but still…

  4. Catherine says:

    Lola Wren, Emilia Jude, Eva Alex

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