Hello, my name is

  • Amelia Harriet
  • Arielle Allison
  • Ashdyn Kamden
  • Bentley Lawrence
  • Blake Lea
  • Brooks Landon
  • Case Mardell
  • Charity Chanel
  • Corinne Estelle
  • Costante Sincere
  • Dez Wayne
  • Eladia Michelle
  • Ellie Shayne
  • Emerson Jude
  • Everly Lucia
  • Ezekiel Marvin
  • Graham Norton
  • Greta Brynn
  • Honesty Jade
  • Hudson Royal
  • James Finley
  • Jody Henry
  • Jonah Ellis
  • Julian Torin
  • Kenzington Lea
  • Lane Carter
  • Lilith Rosemary
  • Lupin Nathaniel
  • Madeline Scott
  • Meadow Rose
  • Micah Maury
  • Nelle Johanna
  • Paisley Roux
  • Palmer Trice
  • Reece Lou
  • Renziel Emmanuel
  • Rosalie Helene
  • Ryker Jorgen
  • Scarlett Angeline
  • Stetson Randall
  • Tessa Violet
  • Vann Earl
  • Yovanni Pharrell
  • Zen Banjamin
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  1. Christina Fonseca says:

    Tessa Violet, Lilith Rosemary

  2. Amy3 says:

    @Christina Fonseca, I totally agree! Those were my two choices as well. They sound like sisters.

  3. Catherine says:

    Corinne Estelle, Everly Lucia, Jonah Ellis, Rosalie Helene, Scarlett Angeline, and Tessa Violet. There are so many great ones!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Nelle Johanna followed by Lilith Rosemary, then James Finley followed by Stetson Randall. I also really like Amelia Harriet and Rosalie Helene, and Lupin Nathaniel and Jody Henry.

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