Alaska 2

  • Alice Lou
  • Ameliarose Adele
  • Arthur Ransom
  • Avacyn Andromeda
  • Cirion Clark
  • Dontay Bean
  • Eileeah Rose
  • Eve Lumba
  • Frances Lee Margaret
  • Fredrik Andrew
  • Griffin Elias-Caleb
  • Harper Maylene
  • Isla Skye
  • Joshua Forest
  • Julian Jaxon
  • Lenore Elaine
  • Liam River
  • Lisa Charlotte Ann
  • Mae Ramona
  • Magnus Keet
  • Milo Timothy
  • Onyx Dorothy
  • Rocco Singh
  • Tasani Grace
  • Tayler Christopher
  • Tula Bell
  • Violet Shaneece
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4 Responses to ONYX DOROTHY (Alaska)

  1. Christina Fonseca says:

    Tula Bell and Liam River

  2. Catherine says:

    Griffin Elias Caleb and Isla Skye

  3. Amy3 says:

    Tula Bell

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I adore Frances Lee Margaret. So very classic!

    My nomination for the boys is Arthur Ransom.

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