• Alethea Ruth
  • Beatrice Judith
  • Bentley Harold
  • Brooklynkae Payton
  • Brooks Markus
  • Codein Mathew
  • Dierks Russell
  • Elise Ariel
  • Finn Edwin
  • Harrison Murray
  • Hazel Lind
  • Iris Azalea
  • Kendrick Jude
  • Krista Jo
  • Lawe David
  • Lucy Sunshine
  • Marshall Benson
  • McCayn Dallas
  • Olive Donalee
  • Parker Olivia
  • Rand Michael
  • Rhett Wyn
  • Rollie Dwayne
  • Sadie Evelyn
  • Shihiro Kalow (girl)
  • Susie Ann
  • Tedrick Brandino
  • Thea Cathryn
  • Veda Bernadette
  • Willa Mary
  • Zeek Jameson
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4 Responses to LUCY SUNSHINE (Minnesota)

  1. Patricia says:

    Lucy Sunshine is my pick too — so cute on a baby and young girl. (But I’m not sure it would suit if she needs a professional name when she’s an adult.)

    Marshall Benson is my pick for a boy.

  2. Christina Fonseca says:

    Rand Michael and Elise Ariel.

  3. Amy3 says:

    Beatrice Judith, Hazel Lind (I love how this name looks), and Veda Bernadette

  4. Elizabeth says:

    For a girl I’d choose either Beatrice Judith or Iris Azalea (probably Iris Azalea) and for a boy, Rand Michael with Harrison Murray as a runner-up.

    Usually these days I try to stay objective or even positive in my opinions on names, but I’m sorry: Codein is terrible.

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