Hello, my name is

  • Abel Alexander Cruz
  • Alex Jean Lindsay
  • Amelia Althea Rose
  • Ashdyn Connor Eli
  • Aubrey Jaye Marlow
  • Axel Everett Eugene
  • Bennett Atticus Ray
  • Bladyn Jozeph Lawson
  • Brinley Sage Elise
  • Cayden Anthony Chance
  • Chester Landon Lee
  • Declan Xavier Rudolf
  • Drake Lemuel Nix
  • Ella-Blake Audrey Montana
  • Elodie Ember Violet
  • Francesca Lily Belle
  • Gage Wilder Thomas
  • Halyn Anniston Reign
  • Hazel Diane Carlyse
  • Jacob Malachi Isahia
  • John Finley Edward
  • Julianna Violet Tralannie
  • Katara Skye Hope
  • King Dash Ezekiel
  • Klea Wendy Mae
  • Leo Lon Reed
  • Liam August James
  • Maison Bin Elijah
  • Merida Ryelee Liam
  • Misty August Rose
  • Noah Otto Arthur
  • Pearl Amelia Jean
  • Raider Ann Elizabeth
  • Reginald John Wesley
  • Rowan Cheyenne Snow
  • Ruth Mercy Emily
  • Saylor Aurora Rose
  • Serenity April Elizabeth
  • Steven Michael Wilbur
  • Tate Reilly Paul
  • William Remington Thomas
  • Wyatt Liam Fender
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5 Responses to LIAM AUGUST JAMES & PEARL AMELIA JEAN (double middles)

  1. Catherine says:

    Love Elodie Ember Violet, Francesca Lily Belle and Bennett Atticus Ray!

    Just out of curiosity, what are your favorite names, Sarah?

    • Names4Real says:

      Hi Catherine. Thanks for asking. I should do a post about my favorites. I’m all over the place, but some are my favorites are Annabel, Kit, Juniper and Juno, Lake, Cordelia, Bellamy, Matilda, Briar, Penelope, True and Violet.

      For boys, my faves are August, Finley, Hawthorne, Hudson, Asher, Cullen, Taylor, Brooks, Sawyer, Atlas, Dashiell, and Gray.

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  3. Christina Fonseca says:

    Francesca Lily Belle
    Abel Alexander Cruz
    Axel Everett Eugene
    William Remington Thomas

  4. Amy3 says:

    Abel Alexander Cruz, Axel Everett Eugene, Pearl Amelia Jean

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