Hello, my name is

  • Astrid Hunter (boy)
  • Astrid Skye
  • Brighton Edward
  • Brighton Ezra-Anne
  • Chandler Blake
  • Chandler Cora
  • Devon Lucille
  • Devon Tracy (boy)
  • Eden Cole
  • Eden Marcella
  • Emerson Paislee
  • Emerson Rae (boy)
  • Greer Avin
  • Grier McGuire (boy)
  • Haven Matthew
  • Hayven Gray
  • Jewell Albert Lynn
  • Jewell Cheyanne
  • Kendall Riley (girl)
  • Kendall Tate (boy)
  • Lennox Evelyn
  • Lennox Thomas
  • Lux Mathers (boy)
  • Lux Sterling (girl)
  • Marlowe Rose
  • Marlowe Tate
  • Palmer Colin
  • Palmer Elizabeth
  • Robin Gabriel
  • Robin Miley
  • Ryan Addison (boy)
  • Ryan Marlee
  • Shilo Reece (boy)
  • Shiloh Ruby
  • Stewart Leslie
  • Stuart Anne
  • Sydney Neut
  • Sydney Sara
  • Tatum Ashley
  • Tatum William

Which pair is your favorite?  Any surprises?  Comment below.

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4 Responses to LUX MATHERS & LUX STERLING (unisex names)

  1. Amy3 says:

    I like the Robin pair best. It’s a great name I wish you’d see on more boys and, despite knowing several middle-aged female Robins, it’s got a nice retro appeal for girls.

    I was surprised to see so many names I strongly associate with girls being used for boys – Astrid, Eden, Jewell, Lux, Tatum. I know people often bemoan that it’s only ‘boy’ or surname names that get used on girls so it’s interesting to see this.

    The Kendall pair is funny because either name could be used for a boy or a girl.

  2. Nieke says:

    Marlowe Rose and Marlowe Tate, but I think Astrid Skye and Astrid Hunter work too.

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