You voted and July’s Favorite Names have been decided.

Here are the winners!

Favorite Names: Asher Hawke & Coralie Hazel

Favorite Surprising Middle:  Logan Winterhawk & Evangeline Sonnet

Favorite Word Name:   August WestZinnia Mae

Favorite Place Name:  Everest Jason  & Aspen Olivia

Favorite Short Name: Bay Foster & Rue Helena

Favorite Double Middles:  Merritt Hugo David & Ophelia Eden Oak

Favorite Title Name:  Henry Forest & Elizabeth Jubilee

 Favorite Unisex Name:         Reese Whitfield & Reese Everly

Now pick your Overall Winner.

June’s Overall Winners:  Rowan Fox & Briar Evangeline 

Thanks for voting!

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One Response to JULY WINNERS

  1. Briane says:

    I like Elizabeth Jubilee. That’s such an interesting pairing. Also, Coralie Hazel is lovely.

    Favorites: Evangeline Sonnet & Asher Hawke

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