• Alice Maple
  • Annie Lindsay
  • Arne Frederick
  • August Joshua Littlewolf
  • Ava Sette Suzanne
  • Bennett Morgan
  • Bergen Breckinridge
  • Brogan Francis
  • Brooks Schrader
  • Camden Finn Alastair
  • Cruz Sheldon
  • Dean Leonard
  • Emilia Caledonia Rhea
  • Emmy Virginia
  • Forrest Jerrold
  • Grace Wren
  • Gray Eva Dell
  • Hayes Clifford
  • Henning Wells
  • Ida Jane
  • Jazalia Theresa Marie
  • Kade Conrad
  • Kai Donner
  • Karder Wade
  • Kareima Brizzeal
  • Knox Emmett
  • Kyt Arizona
  • Lander James
  • Larkin Violet
  • Ledger Moon
  • Loic Kavi
  • Louise Ellen
  • Mara Lake
  • Mia Marvelyn
  • Nellie Brien
  • Nota Rose Vermeire
  • Paige Virginia
  • Patience Rose-Bell
  • Patricia Joy
  • Piper Willow
  • Roman Valentine
  • Silas Arthur
  • Stevie Faye
  • Swayze Jean Grace
  • Tressa Fay
  • Truman Creek
  • Violet Elsie
  • Volta Harilal
  • Walker Forrest
  • Waylon Wilde
  • Xenia Marie
  • Zoey LaVerne
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  1. silverwolf says:

    Love middle name little wolf so cute

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Emilia Caledonia Rhea and August Joshua Littlewolf.

    Looking at this particular list, I’m made to wonder if bestowing two middle names is more common-practice in Montana relative to other U.S. states. Have you found this to be the case? I’ve also noticed that the Hawaiian lists tend to include a lot of children with more than one middle name.

    • Names4Real says:

      Hi Elizabeth!

      Great question. Double middle names are popping up everywhere in the U.S. more then ever. I haven’t followed if one state is doing it more then others, but it is definitely a growing trend.


  3. Amy3 says:

    Alice Maple, Ida Jane, Silas Arthur, Truman Creek

  4. Kelli says:

    Actually Emilia is our daughter. 🙂 Neither of us is from Montana. I’m from Tennessee and when my mom meant business, she’d say my full name. Our last name has 4 syllables. With Emilia and Caledonia, we thought it’d be good to add a nice short third name to give us a nice stopping point, instead of having to say 13 syllables. 😉

  5. Eva Karina says:

    I love Nota Rose Vermeire!

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