You voted and April’s Favorite Names have been Decided.  Here are the winners!

Favorite Name:  Cleo Maxine & Henry Magnus

Favorite Surprising Middle:  Astrid Solstice & Elliot Lake

Favorite Word Name:  Scout Willow & Scout Grey

Favorite Place Name:  Avonlea Rose & Caspian Roy 

Favorite Short Name: Zoe Estelle & Eli Hayes

Favorite Double Middles:  Natalie Piper Ophelia & Finn Emmett Avery

Favorite Title Name:  Briar Helena Rose & Arlo Winter

Favorite Unisex Name:  Drew Victoria & Drew Douglas

Now pick your Overall Winner

March’s Overall Winners

Jane Violet & Titus Wildfire

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2 Responses to APRIL’S WINNERS

  1. Amy3 says:

    Favorite Surprising Middle: Astrid Solstice & Elliot Lake – How funny, I have an Astrid who would have been Elliot if she’d been a boy instead! 🙂

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