• Aelle Montclaire
  • Anahi Olivia Rose
  • Avonlea Rose
  • Axel Logan
  • Brooks Eastwood
  • Calista Katherine
  • Cayne Konrad
  • Clive Samuel
  • Collette Faye
  • Cora Blue Elizabeth
  • Corbin Chester
  • Dahlia Shine
  • Daken Mortdecai Grimm
  • Ember Gaia
  • Faith Genesis
  • Forest Kurt
  • Henley Aspen
  • Isaac Timboli
  • Jasper Warren
  • Joleen Paige
  • Joy Malaya
  • Jude Thomas
  • Kastor Sullivan
  • Lange Edward
  • Laurel Suzanne
  • Lennon Lou
  • Lexcina Alizabeth
  • Lyllie Eleanor
  • Marguerite Daisy
  • Mary Alice
  • Maximilian Jesse
  • Neya Bay
  • Pepper Lee
  • Rebel ZZ Bishop
  • Remington Rae
  • Riggyn Grace
  • Roman Pierce
  • Ruby Evangeline
  • Scottie AnnMarie
  • Treyton Maine
  • Tristan Burt
  • Trygg Nicholas
  • Zarra Rebekah


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7 Responses to AVONLEA ROSE & BROOKS EASTWOOD (Colorado)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I like…
    Avonlea Rose – Avonlea is a GP
    Calista Katherine
    Clive Samuel
    Cora Blue Elizabeth – I don’t like Blue though…I would prefer Bluebell.
    Dahlia Shine
    Faith Genesis
    Jasper Warren
    Joy Malaya
    Jude Thomas
    Laurel Suzanne
    Marguerite Daisy – As much as I think this particular combination is cute and pretty, I would never use it. Marguerite is actually a type of daisy.
    Mary Alice – I love seeing when babies are named Mary!
    Maximilian Jesse

  2. Patricia says:

    Avonlea Rose (but am wondering how many people know how to correctly pronounce Avonlea)

  3. MB says:

    Calista Katherine, Clive Samuel, Maximilian Jesse, and Pepper Lee.

  4. silverwolf says:

    Henley Aspen is cute!! Lyllie ive never seen it spelled this way

  5. Amy3 says:

    Jude Thomas and Mary Alice

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